About us

We are a company specialized in the design and development of integral systems of automation and process control for the industry.

We have specialized in the design and development of control banks for the industry. Our services can go to any type of line of business, however, its most significant evolution has been within the automotive sector. The high level of demand required in this sector, in terms of quality and potential, generates a demand for this types of services.

We have extensive experience, over 20 years, in different sectors of the industry (aviation, acoustic, environmental, rail, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, energy, food, perfumery, cosmetics, medicine, plastic and rubber, etc. ) and especially in the automotive sector where we possess a good position worldwide.

During the development of our equipment we carry out the mechanical, electrical and electronic design, and all the installation and wiring, the programming, and the start-up, as well as the maintenance and training tasks of the user.

The continuous training of our team in the most innovative technologies in the market allows us to integrate several of these leading technologies at the same system to provide greater coverage of action to our customers.

  • Artificial Vision.
  • Industrial Automation.
  • Communication Buses.
  • Robotics.
  • Big Data.