The continuous specialization in the most innovative technologies that currently exist represents an added value for our customers.

Artificial Vision

Artificial vision is a scientific discipline that includes methods to acquire, process, analyze and understand real-world images in order to produce numerical or symbolic information so that they can be treated by a computer.

Through this discipline and thanks to the experience and specialization of our team, we are able to provide reliability to the control and test equipment that we develop.

Industrial Automation

Current developments in the automotive sector requires the development and implementation of electronic devices. The percentage represented by electronics in a car increases every day. Based on the specific needs and technical specifications of the automotive application to be manufactured, the working conditions of the piece must be analyzed, individually and together; taking into account technical aspects of design and manufacturing.

The control systems that we develop in Conter allow to verify in a correct and reliable way the electronic part of any system or industrial process to be checked.

Communication Buses

Communication buses used as a support to carry out information transfers between different units of a computer. Current trend is the communication among each other of different electronic power stations (CU), both in the automotive sector and in other sectors (aviation, household appliances, etc.), through the use of communication buses such as CAN, FlexRay, CANopen, Ethernet for automobile, etc.

We take care of designing and developing equipment to verify the correct functioning of these communication systems.


Robotics is the branch of engineering involved in dealing with design, construction, operation, structure, manufacture, and application of robots. Robotics combines various disciplines such as: mechanics, electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, control engineering and physics. Within the automotive sector, robotics has been applied to many processes such as welding parts and loading and unloading parts, since they are robust and reliable equipment that use innovative technologies available at any time.

In Conter we are specialized in the manufacture of robotic systems for the correct verification of operations of any system or industrial process.

Big Data

Big Data is the treatment and analysis of a large volume of data, both structured and unstructured, which are part of most companies and whose size, complexity and speed of growth make it difficult to capture, manage, process or analyze them using technologies and conventional tools.

Through the analysis of all this data set, in Conter we can help our clients with their business, either in a production line, in quality control, in laboratory tests, etc.